CivFR 18 ans

CivFR is celebrating the 18years anniversary

After a vote of the community on discord, the celebration day will take place on Friday 25th of october, starting 20h (Paris time)

Discord CivFR :

Some Civ 6 prizes to win !

160€ of giveaway

All along the night we will give prizes based on Civilization 6:

  • Civilization 6 pack Deluxe (civ6 + minor dlc)
  • Civilization 6 Rise & Fall
  • Civilization 6 Gathering Storm
  • Pack DLC Persia & Macedonia
  • DLC Poland
  • DLC Australia
  • DLC Nubia
  • DLC Khmer & Indoniesia
  • DLC Pack édition (all minor DLCs)

The giveaways will be to win: on discord, streams & social media during the event.

If you manage to win a gift that you already have, you can propose to share with a same equivalent price on instant gaming website.

A maximum of Civ6 games !

For the occasion, we will increase our channels to host the maximum of players during the event. If you’re playing on Civilization 6 or other versions of Civilisation you’re welcome.

Better Balance Start CivFR

We will perform some testing during the event to try the new mod « BBS Civfr » of Kilua. Some prizes will be kept specificaly for people who will provide data requested on the topic (more info the D day on discord)

A small word from admin:

Friday we will celebrate the longevity of CivFR. I have arrived in the community as simpe member and my endless desire to play Civilization. I became team captain, graphic desiner of a small obscur magazine (with a bird as chief editor) then finaly Admin ! The community exist only because of players that let a trace on the diverses supports used during the years. Thanks for the ones who take their Civ retirement and all the ones that keep the flame of CivFR.